Medicare Supplement plan

Old Medicare, also known as Plan A and Plan B, is popularly known for its health insurance policies. Following this policy, Medicare Supplement Plan has won many spikes in the graph of Health improvement of citizens.

There is a lot to be benefited with Original Medicare policy.

Here are some points discussed in detail about the services that it does provide.

What Plan A covers:-

  • According to the provisions followed in Plan A, this policy provides allowances for the inpatient care in hospitals. It means to provide care for the patients that need urgent admission.
  • It provides rights to the patient to have skilled nursing facility (not for long though)
  • It also provides home care facilities, i.e. patient can prefer their home treatment(not for long though)

What Plan B covers

  • Scientific tools and services:

Original Medicare’s Plan B covers all the required services for diagnoses. It also covers the payments of charges for other medical supports.

  • Covers not only curative but preventive measures also:

This is one of the unique qualities or service that it provides, i.e. the preventive care.

It confers to its issuers, the right of checkups as and when they deemed it necessary (Checkups for all kind of problems are not included though). For example: – checkups for flue and other diseases. It also includes the preventive measures necessary for safety against such diseases.

What is not covered by the original Medicare, Plan A and Plan B? And, need of Medicare Supplement Plan.

Original Medicare does not provide everything. Hence, emerges the need of the Medicare Supplement plan. the list of benefits conferred by the Medicare is rather incomplete, many significant ones are not there. Therefore, here comes the big picture, Medicare Supplement comes into play.

Here is a list of what Original Medicare Supplement does not provide.

  • Nursing and home treatment for long.
  • No custodial health care support
  • Excludes almost all the dental care services.
  • Surgeries for cosmetics
  • It does not include acupuncture type of service
  • It does not include hearing check ups
  • Neither does it cover the charges of fitting them.

There are many other small services, for example:- foot care checkup etc.

Medicare Supplement plan is a new device used to fill all the gaps in the middle of the list of benefits, guaranteed by the Original Medicare, Plan A and Plan B.