Best Travel Destinations In Europe

Best Travel Destinations In Europe

Europe is a magical place to visit. It is a mixture of modern and traditional places. It has beautiful castles and other historical buildings. But at the same time, it has all the modern technologies. Every country in Europe is special and has its own charm. So, here are some of the best destinations in Europe where you can travel and experience its breathtaking beauty. Take a 2019 medicare advantage plan with you on your trip.

  1. Tuscany Italy

The beautiful cities of Italy such as Florence and Pisa are extremely beautiful and have the best Italian food and architecture. The scenery is amazing. You can rent a house there and experience life as a local citizen. The weather and the place are ideal for senior citizens.

  • Iceland

Next is the country where you can see the majestic green lights. During winter the Aurora Borealis also known as the dancing lights is one of the famous tourist destinations. People from all around the world come to Iceland to spend a night in the ice igloos where you can see the lights directly from the roof.

  • Poland

The beautiful Wroclaw is the famous city of Poland. It has about 120 bridges that are made to link 12 beautiful islands. The architecture is amazing. It has well-constructed universities. There is a flower market there that sells beautiful colored flowers of different types.

  • Athens, Greece

This beautiful city exhibits the true European culture and history. It has beautiful shops and market. The city is also famous for its nightlife. The people of Athens are very hospitable. However, visits Europe should definitely visit this place.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

The city always comes in the top-ranked tourist destinations list in Europe. The beauty of this city is impeccable. Prague is known for being a world heritage area. The famous Charles Bridge where the couples share a passionate kiss is a popular place. It has many castles. You can also go on a cruise on the stunning Vltava River.

  • Paris, France

Let us not forget the infamous city of love “Paris”. It is a very famous tourist attraction. It is known for its culture, art, history and most importantly Fashion. It has the Louvre Museum. It is one the world famous art galleries and also has the painting of Mona Lisa. Other important buildings are Note Dame Cathedral and Montparnasse Tower.

Above are some of the famous places in Europe. These places are a must go whenever you visit Europe.