As you get older, the cost of Medicare Supplement plan goes up

Old age is one of the period when people have always dreamt of living peacefully as they wait to depart gracefully. This is one of the ideas why Medicare is here in the first place. Medicare supplement is a plan that takes into consideration people who are mostly at the age of 65 or have passed this age. Despite the fact that the plan has a variety of benefits, it has one major setback that tends to haunt the elderly and those who are paying for their premiums. When the premiums at old age increases, then it will mean that there will be an economic burden emanating from the whole thing.

Medicare Supplement plans 2019

In that case, one of the advantage worth discussing is the fact that with Medicare supplement plans, the average premium tend to progressively increase as one gets older. In other words, as soon as you attain the age of 65, the premium rates are relatively lower. As you grow older, the rates in which premiums increases also increases. This is one of the setback that many people have expressed sentiments about. The best thing is that one can shift from one Medicare plan to the next if they feel like they are not satisfied with the current Medicare supplement plan at

What are the issues associated with increasing costs of premiums at old age? There are a number of issues that can arise in this case. The first issue is that the elderly will feel the pinch and the expenses of medical attention will also increase. IN case, where someone is depending on retirement benefits to pay for this premiums, he/she may end up dying poor only because they have used up all their money in contributing towards the Medicare supplement plans. This is a factor that has not been going well with the elderly. This is a disadvantage associated with the Medicare supplement plan.

For instance, my grandfather took a Medicare supplement plan when he was exactly 65 and by the third birthday from the date of taking this particular cover, the rates of premiums had almost doubled. The rates of premiums therefore will continue increasing. Now, if someone will live to see his/her 100th birthday, then the amount of premiums that will be contributed will be higher than the initial premium. With this idea, it crucial to decide on whether to go for Medicare supplement plan for good or go for it until a certain age.